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Our Story

Salam! Welcome to Beni Ourain Bazaar. So glad to have you here!

Born and raised in Marrakech, we are Safia & Ayoub, the founders of Beni Ourain Bazaar! We have been working in the tourism industry for pretty much our entire professional lives. Ayoub used to be a part time guide doing one of the best and unique tours in Marrakech.  Click here to check it out! Despite his love for the position, the global COVID-19 outbreak forced him to kiss that opportunity goodbye. Even though we were keeping up with our office jobs, we had more time on our hands than usual. Naturally, we started connecting with our Moroccan roots. We began searching for unique carpets made by women in the Moroccan mountains. Our store displays top-notch carpets that include a piece of Morocco woven into each strand.

Pure Organic Wool, skilfully and finely Hand Knotted in Morocco by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains.

Unlike the big, inefficient retailers, we find some really cool, eco-friendly carpets. These are not your “only available in gray, assembly line” massed produced carpets. We’re talking fun colors, vintage expressions, and modern details. These are one-of-a-kind handmade designs! Expert craftsmanship. Distinctive finishes. Pieces that speak to us. It might speak to you, too.

Moroccan rugs, also called Amazigh or Berber rugs, are known for their asymmetrical beauty

We ship directly to you from Marrakech! That’s good for you, good for the environment, and brings down prices. Our eco-friendly Moroccan carpets are responsibly sourced, so you can feel good about the sustainable carpets you purchase from us.

We like to keep things simple. Find what you love, and order it online!

Thanks again for stopping by Beni Ourain Bazaar

Safia & Ayoub